• Support SW Florida B.A.C.A.’s Annual Passport Run

    This month, FLBikers.com had the opportunity to talk with the Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) chapter in southwest Florida- specifically The City of Palms- Chapter’s President and Vice President, Chico and Blade.

    Last month, our featured author, Sherri Soyk, took the time to attend the City of Palms Chapter of B.A.C.A.’s monthly meetup in Fort Myers to find out more on what this organization does to help wounded children.

    This organization’s mission- to create a safe environment and empower abused children to grow- has truly touched our hearts.  These men and women put aside their own needs and circumstances to focus on a bigger picture, on kids who need help.  These men and women are strong and courageous and make sacrifices that many others wouldn’t so that they can make a difference in not just the lives of children, but in the WORLD.

    Photo courtesy of utah.bacaworld.org

    That is why we need to come together to support B.A.C.A.

    THIS SATURDAY, let’s come together and show some support for these courageous men and women.

    Saturday, April 22, the southwest Florida City of Palms Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse is holding their First Annual Passport Run!  This Run is not just a chance to enjoy Florida’s sunny skies and warm weather, but a chance to ride on and support B.A.C.A.’s mission.  The extraordinary help and aid that comes from B.A.C.A. is not something that comes expense free.  They go out and take action to help children on their own expense.  And this is our turn to help raise funds so B.A.C.A. can go further and help more kids than ever before.

    This weekend, come out to Fort Myers, enjoy a beautiful day riding, and support a mission that changes the world.

    Event registration starts at 8:30 AM with kickstands up by 10:30 AM.  Riders will make five stops and will end the ride at the American Legion Post 110 in Port Charlotte by 4:00 PM .  Riders and passengers will be entered in a raffle that includes prizes like a 43”- flat screen TV and a ton of other cool giveaways!

    Prices: $15/rider & $5/passenger

    Let’s support our friends at B.A.C.A. and ride together!

    Click HERE for more information about this event.

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