• New Year’s Resolutions for Florida Bikers

    With the start of a new year, we all start thinking of ways to make improvements in our lives.  We call these new ways and improvements our New Year’s “Resolutions”. For Florida Bikers, our biggest resolution is to simply RIDE MORE. What are some other popular resolutions motorcyclists make? We searched for some of the top ones and compiled them into the list below. We encourage all riders to pick one and stick to it in 2017!

    1)   Ride more. Ride every day. Ride every weekend. 

    Take every chance you have to get out on your two wheels and GO!  Feel the wind in your hair and let go of the daily worries and stress that we all  get caught up in.  Going on a business trip or vacation?  Rent a bike while there and discover new roads and make your life your movie!

    2)   Take better care of your bike.

    Equate keeping up with bike maintenance as to keeping up with your own health.  Take more time to check the tire pressure, the fluid levels, how about the always-important brakes? In the rush to GO RIDE more, double checking that your baby is in tip-top shape should not be skipped over.


    3)   Learn to ride better and ride safer. 

    All over the news you hear stories of fatal motorcycle crashes where the driver didn’t really look. Of course, anyone with the true love of riding is knowledgeable and aware of their surroundings while riding, but it couldn’t hurt to enhance those riding skills. There are Motorcycle Safety Training classes all over Florida, and even Harley Davidson offers a Skilled Rider Course that teaches new approaches and styles to ride like a pro with more control over your bike. Click HERE to find information on Harley riding classes near you.

    4)  Encourage others to ride. 

    Be the influence that motivates someone who, maybe, always wanted to ride.  Be in the moment, love your ride, and let it show.  You never know who might be watching.  They say a smile is contagious.  Imagine how contagious a smile is when riding your bike!

    5)  Ride for a cause. 

    Participate in a charity ride or a poker run.  You get to help others- which makes you feel good- and then feel even better because you’re helping by doing something you already love: RIDING.  FLBikers.com’s events page is loaded with charity rides and runs all throughout the state of Florida.  Events like Bikers for Babies and the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Poker Run Ride all aim to help others.  Check it out HERE and pick one that pulls at your heart strings.


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