• Harley Davidson’s new 2017 Milwaukee-Eight

    Harley-Davidson’s new 2017 model, the Milwaukee -Eight, has an entirely new flair that switches the hallmarked chrome features for a darker, sleeker look.  This recent model is designed to attract the biker looking for that contemporary style, rather than a classic one.

    Perhaps the most note-worthy feature of the Milwaukee-Eight is the coloring.  Motorcycle parts, like the exhaust pipes, headlight and mirror housings–rarely designed in anything besides shiny chrome– are entirely blacked out.  Saddle bags that wrap around the darkened exhaust pipes embody a stocked, lowered, and powerful bike.

    Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson’s Director of Styling, comments on the design saying: “The Milwaukee-Eight engine is styled to project power…The rocker covers look like skin stretched taut over muscle, like the rocker arms are about to burst out of the engine. For the first time since the Knucklehead, the rocker covers reflect the action going on below, and they are massive. When you sit on the bike, you can look down and see more of this engine.”

    Designed without a windscreen but with mini ape hangar handlebars, this model radiates a vintage, 1950’s quality.

    The Milwaukee- Eight is available in three different varieties.  Both the standard Milwaukee- Eight 107 and the Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 have the 107 cubic-inch displacement, but the Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 features liquid-cooling cylinder heads, while the standard model utilizes oil-cooled ones.     At the top of the line, there’s the Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 with liquid-cooled cylinder heads and a 114 CID (cubic inch displacement).  The liquid cooling feature along with the exhaust designed to cast heat away from the rider is sure to make those long, Florida summer rides much more comfortable.

    One fun feature- this bike really roars!  The sound of the exhaust is amplified while all the mechanical clatter is cut down with fewer parts in the motor.

    For more information about the engine, click HERE

    Costing slightly more than the classic Road King, this pretty piece of machinery starts at $21,999 with a variety of colors to choose from that include black, matte grey, red, and olive gold.

    For more information about this beauty, click HERE.



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