• Electric Motorcycles are Emerging

    With electric motorcycle prototypes by Yamaha, Honda, Harley-Davidson, and Suzuki emerging over the past few years, it is no surprise that we will soon see an increase in the number of electric motorcycles that are produced. New motorcycle companies that target environmentally-friendly consumers are also emerging and have produced several electric bikes. Check out the best electric motorcycles that are now available for purchase here.

    Yamaha and Honda, who are direct competitors, joined forces for the first time to produce electric scooters in hopes of increasing sales. This partnership gives them access to more resources and technology, which will get them closer to their common goal of producing electric motorcycles. Yamaha and Honda previously showcased their electric motorcycle prototypes at the Tokyo Motor Show and received positive reactions.

    Harley-Davidson unveiled an electric motorcycle prototype in 2013, the Livewire, and gave bikers the opportunity to test out the prototype and provide feedback. The Livewire Project created a buzz within the Harley-Davidson community and bikers are eagerly awaiting the release date of this beautiful and sleek motorcycle. With confirmation that the Livewire will be produced within the next 5 years, many look forward to the release date.

    Photo courtesy of Cycle News

    Suzuki is in the process of obtaining a patent for their electric sports bike design and has released several electric motorcycle prototypes showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show. The patent shows that Suzuki plans to design a retro electric design while other companies are going the futuristic route.

    With electric motorcycles emerging and promising a positive impact on our environment we may see first-time bikers who seek an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. From sleek futuristic to retro designs there will be an electric motorcycle for every style. Will you consider purchasing an electric motorcycle? Let us know your thoughts.